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Tips for Supporting Healthy Eating at Work

With Halloween handed plus the holidays coming, attempting to keep programing those healthy eating routines is simpler said actually doing it.

Holiday events and locations introduced by co-workers are usually beautiful cruel temptations. Luckily there are some steps you can take to create healthy eating on the job simpler for you plus your staff, as well as your waistlines.

  1. Get the word out

    Location posters round the workplace with recommendations on balanced diet your staff will make on the holidays to maintain healthy eating top of mind.

  2. Give them Space

    Ensure that your workers develop the space and the equipment to produce healthy dinners. Using a fridge or microwave will help advertise getting healthy meals at home.

  3. Put Healthy Eating on the Agenda

    if nutrition or drinks are supplied at meetings, attempt to supply some healthy options. Healthy Families BC’s Eat Smart Meet Smart has the product specifications on where to begin.

  4. Eyes on the Prize

    Supply offers which help staff using healthy eating goals. Cash payments or sessions with authorized nutritionists are a good way to have employees inspired.

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