Cleaning Curtains Chiffon


The stepper is a stepper that we are worried about when cleaning it so as not to damage it. They are very thin curtains that may break quickly if they are washed or cleaned incorrectly.

 You should first wash the curtains periodically and continuously so that the dirt does not accumulate and does not change color. Are you interested in learning more about Home Improvements? Visit our website  to see useful information.

Before washing, we must remove the metal ties so as not to rust due to water.

Fill the bathtub or wash basin with a glass of water and add a little washing powder or chlorine and turn it over.

Put the curtains in the washing machine for a short cycle with cold water and add a little bit of perfumed clothes and then we will see the curtains in the air and the sun until it is completely dry and becomes completely clean ..

76- Washing Curtains Organza:

You need a simple way to wash the organza curtains without crashing them and to get completely clean and get rid of the dirt on them, tell us how to wash the organza curtains in detail ..

Organza curtains of light curtains need to be treated carefully so as not to break or break, so first must be soaked for two hours at the most in the bathtub or washing dish filled with water plus a few vinegar or powder washing and then half of the water, and we wash it in the washing machine On a short system with perfumed clothes until they become completely clean and have a refreshing smell.

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77- Cleaning curtains are in place:

It is possible to wash the curtains in place instead of taking them down, we will learn about this method in detail.

  • Some steam cleaners help us clean up the furniture and curtains and are in place without any effort ..
  • When cleaning steam we recommend using steam from bottom to top, but there must be a distance between the curtains and steam so as not to burn.
  • Leave it hanging in place until it is completely dry, we’ll notice it has become clean ..

Cleaning the curtains from dust:

Curtains are exposed to dirt and accumulation of dust and dust because they cover the windows from which the dust enters, and because the curtains are the most important home furnishings and are also a decorative piece of the house should care about cleanliness permanently and continuously to remain completely clean. You can learn about the reality of professional cleaning services available in the local market, on this website:

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Know how to clean the curtains easily and easily.

  • We first remove the curtains and remove the metal ties from them.
  • Then dust it out of the window as well as possible to get rid of dust from it.
  • We hang it on the rope, if we find a quantity of dust accumulated in a place preferred to brush with carpet, here we will get out of dust from the curtains without washing in a simple way.
  • In a bucket of water, add two cups of salt and half a teaspoon of clove oil, and then drain the whole mold into the mixture for two to four hours.
  • We gently wrap the curtain from the water and add a rinse. We circle the curtain on the clothesline to dry to show the salt residue on the curtain.

Bring the curtain from the salt with a carpet brush and we will notice that the curtain has become completely clean and we will get rid of the mold quickly.

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