Create better experiences for your customer’s in-store


How do you ensure your customers are having the very best experience possible inside your store? Here are some ideas to help:

1. Have consultants not sales assistants

All the latest technology is great but don’t overlook the simple fact that the most important factors in creating a customer experience are your front-line staff. When it comes to training and staff development, to stay competitive, businesses need to up their game. Knowledge of products and policies are the basics these days, your staff need to be trained in how to better relate to customers and how to connect in a meaningful and memorable way. A job title shift can help, from salesperson to consultant, friend or expert.

2. Hands-on enjoyment

When customers can look, feel and touch items, it engages them far more than when all they can see is a product on a box on a shelf. Try to present your products in new, fun and original ways and allow customers to have some fun with new experiences. Don’t forget the importance of your In store Music for completing an upbeat and enjoyable experience. For more information on In store Music, visit Mood Media.

3. Physical and digital coherence

Ensure that your online store is working in harmony with your physical store. The customer of today is accessing multiple channels and multiple devices during their shopping experiences. Therefore, it’s important to offer brand consistency and joined up information across all of your platforms, enabling customers to enjoy seamless shopping.

One way you can do this is to bring your online presence inside your physical premises. Let customers browse your online store from your physical location. This is a great idea if you don’t keep all your stock in one place as it allows customers to check availability and have the item delivered to the store. You can learn about the best practices to increase the sales of your store, on this website:

4. Improve the checkout experience

Did you know that the average wait time for a British consumer in a queue is 6 minutes? That’s all you have before they abandon their purchase and walk out. Don’t let queues at peak times wreck your bottom line. Always be prepared with additional tills that can be opened. Some stores are now using ipads for point of sale which staff can take to customers in the line or anywhere in the store, to check out quicker.

5. Retailtainment

Not heard of this yet? Retailtainment promises to be the next big thing in retail trends. It is a combination of retail and entertainment and is a concept that focuses on providing customers with fun, engaging experiences to wow them. The type of retailtainment on offer would depend on your customer base and range of products. Perhaps you could hire musicians, a local celeb or magicians. Entertainment is a clever way of attracting people into your store, increasing footfall and making sales on what would have otherwise been a slow day.

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