3 Technologies Consumers Should Be Familiar with in 2023


Doesn’t it always seem as if the hype surrounding one technology or another goes viral literally overnight? The thing is you can’t always tell which technologies are pure, unadulterated hype and which technologies reallydo have something excitingly novel to offer.With 2022 soon rounding out to a close and 2023 just over the horizon, perhaps it’s time to become familiar with the technologies that actually have something to offer in the coming year. You can learn about the latest technologies and their effect on different industries, on this website: andromods.com

1. Virtual Reality aka the Metaverse

How many times have you purchased something online only to later find that it wasn’t suitable at all? Perhaps it’s furniture for the living room or a new outfit for New Year’s Eve. However, if you had been able to try it on or measure your living room for the perfect fit, you would have seen that those things wouldn’t do at all.

Life in the metaverse offers VR so that you can ‘try on’ that outfit based on a figure created to your proportions online or situating the furniture you are interested in to see how it looks in your living room. In fact, VR (the Metaverse) is so popular that some celebs are spending a small fortune to join yacht clubs in the Metaverse.

2. Cryptocurrency

With so much online fraud running rampant in our lives, most consumers are seeking heightened levels of security when it comes to eCommerce. Although the latest anti-virus software is somewhat effective, hackers can work around those updates as quickly as they are made. As a result, a growing number of consumers are looking into cryptocurrency like Bitcoin that doesn’t exist anywhere but in a network of computers. To learn more about the most important cryptocurrency security measures, visit this website:

The security factor is that data is spread in various locations within the blockchain network so that it is virtually impenetrable. For anyone new to crypto, there are free cryptocurrency converters on sites like okx.com that show the relative value of their cryptos in comparison with their national denominations. Crypto is a relatively new technology that we will be hearing more from in 2023.

3. Smart Technology

Then there’s Smart technology which makes it hard to know where it begins and where it ends. There isn’t an appliance or anything capable of Wi-Fi connectivity that can’t be transformed into a Smart device. There are Smart wall plugs, Smart TVs, Smart baby monitors and security systems, Smart dishwashers, washing machines and dryers and even Smart automobiles.

Most devices can be accessed and operated from remote locations and if you really want to live in the height of comfort, what about Smart climate control so that you can set the thermostat to your desired level of heating or cooling before leaving the office for the day? If you aren’t already familiar with Smart technology, 2023 is the year to make that happen. Click here https://www.thetwincoach.com/ to read in-depth articles about smart technologies.

The Year of Super-Technology

To sum it up briefly, you will find that there will be few aspects of our everyday lives that aren’t improved by the latest technology this year. Aren’t you excited to see what next year has in store for us? How exciting is that!

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